Pietenpol Aircamper

CF-GFR is a homebuilt Pietenpol Aircamper built from the original 1929 plans. The aircraft was constructed from 1969 to 1972 by a group of Collingwood area homebuilders under the direction of AME Lorne Evans, but after his untimely death, “The Piet” was purchased in 1979 by Canadian Actor Michelle Goodeve (best known as teacher, “Ms. Avery” on the CBC/PBS series “Degrassi Junior High.”)

The Piet is of all wood construction, covered with dacron fabric, and carries a 1946 65 hp Continental engine on its nose. The aircraft cruises around 75 mph and takes off and lands in under 500 feet (though the narrow, short-coupled landing gear combined with zero-forward- visibility and no-brakes makes operation off a grass runway quite desirable.)

The Piet is hangered at Guelph Air Park during the wintertime, but spends its summers tied down in a hay field behind Michelle’s rural Ontario home.

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