1929 De Havilland DH60GM Gipsy Moth

The Gipsy Moth pictured here was flown across Canada in “The Great Belvedere Air Dash of 1973" by Tiger Boys pilots, Glenn Norman and Michelle Goodeve.

The Aeroplane Works currently have three Gipsy Moths on hand with one aircraft in advanced restoration and two others scheduled for re-build sometime in the future.

For many pilots, the Gipsy Moth is the greatest of all the De Havilland biplanes. This nimble little two seater not only broke records around the world when it was first introduced, it also put the world of “Sport Flying” within the reach of just about everyone.

The aircraft is equipped with folding wings - which allows multiple planes to be stored in one hangar, and is easily identifiable by its straight wings and the long exhaust pipe running along the outside of the cockpits (they used to say you could always spot a Gipsy Moth Pilot by the burn scars on his/her left elbow.)

While the Gipsy Moth was built with both all wood and steel tube fuselages, the Tiger Boys Gipsy’s are all the steel tube “Metal Moth” versions.

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