1940 Hawker Hurricane

Without a doubt the name of the Hurricane will be forever linked to the "Battle of Britain" during 1940, where together with the Spitfire it added one of the most glorious chapters to the history of the RAF. During this battle the Hurricane shot down more enemy aircraft than did all the other air or ground defences combined.

Later it was to carry the brunt of the fighting in Malta, in the Western Desert and in Burma until the Spitfire became available in quantity.

In 1941 it was the first to make fighter sweeps over the mainland and was the first fighter to carry bombs into action. Later it pioneered the use of rocket-projectiles on fighters and as the Mk.IID was the only fighter to carry twin 40 mm cannon as a tank buster in the Western Desert.

The Hurricane was the first RAF fighter to fly faster than 300 mph and the first to carry eight machine guns.

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