Annual Open House

One of the reasons our annual open house has become so popular is that it provides one of the very few opportunities in Canada (or the world) to take a flight in an antique biplane.

There is no charge for the ride and our pilots donate their time for free - but as you can imagine, it takes a great deal of money to restore, maintain and operate these rare old aircraft.

If you enjoy your flying experience at our open house (and we know you will) we would ask you to consider dropping a contribution in The Tiger Boys “Donation Bomb” to help us complete our other restoration projects.

With your help we should be able to offer rides in an even wider variety of aircraft as more and more of our rare antique flying machines are restored to Flying Status.

Tom, Bob and all the volunteers at The Tiger Boys Aeroplane Works would like to thank you for your assistance and we sincerely hope you enjoy your next visit with us.

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