"Woody" Tiger Moth C-GMTH

One of our newest Tiger Moths is a replica of the famous "Woody" DH82A Moth that Linley Wright from Glenrose, Texas flew for many years and hopped rides in at Oshkosh, Blakesburg and other fly-ins.

The original "Woody" was an Australian Tiger Moth which had been used for airshows in Australia after the second world war. It was in Australia that the original "Woody" received its unique colour scheme.

Linley Wright sold "Woody" to a buyer in Israel, a few years ago. It was the intention of the buyer to restore "Woody" to its original DH82A status but because of difficulty getting certification in Israel it has been relegated to a parts machine.

The aircraft the Tiger Boys fly was built up from the remains of a Canadian DH82C. The Tiger Boys decided it would be great to reproduce Linley Wright's "Woody" so that it could once again travel to fly-ins and hop rides.

Changes made to the Canadian Moth, in addition to its colour scheme, was a conversion to open cockpit and British instrumentation. These changes required special permission from Transport Canada as "Woody" is a certified aircraft.

"Woody" is one of our best flying aircraft and always popular for hopping rides.


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